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About our training services.

The term ‘open learning’ has gone through a series of changes, and is currently known as flexible learning, distance learning, supported self-study or blended learning. The essence, however, is that users of these training or educational materials are able to study, in part at least, at a time and place of their choice, and at a pace that suits them.

This brings particular needs to the fore: how do you anticipate your readers’ needs and opportunities when some may be in this country - but others abroad? Some may have full access to support, whereas others may be working alone or very remotely; some may have greater familiarity with the content, whereas for others the material may be completely new.

Recent examples on which we have worked have had users in prison or in the boardroom; on oil rigs and in very remote offices; in major cities and working from home in very small villages; in developed countries and in very undeveloped locations, where electricity may not always be reliably available. Your readers’ learning styles can vary dramatically – some need to have frequent ‘tests’ of understanding, whereas others skip much of the content and look only through the main bullet points.

Our expertise in this field will help you consider – or will check the provision and efficacy of – a wide range of devices carefully designed to ensure that all users can work through the materials, and that no-one is disenfranchised in any way. We’ll build in self-check reviews, and also help users contextualise their reading and learning to their own situation.

We work with third-party course providers if required, to ensure that a full and comprehensive programme of learning can be provided, with meaningful qualifications – whether this be accreditation of continuing professional development (CPD) or milestones on the path to a full management certificate, diploma or MBA with a recognised management development organisation.

Even relatively simple items such as induction manuals tend to be centrally created, but are read and studied alone – by staff from a very wide range of backgrounds and locations; we can advise on the best ways of getting a central, corporate, message across – whilst ensuring that readers across the country – or even across the world – are receiving localised information that meets their specific needs. And we’ll help you ensure that you know that staff have read – and digested – the contents! The type of paper, binding and packaging also needs careful consideration – will a one-size-fits-all approach work for your organisation?

Make contact with us for a general chat on this issue – the permutations are simply too wide to go into more detail here…

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