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About our web site consultancy services.

Too many websites are created either by people too close to the product, or by designers who are too remote. We are NOT website designers (although we work very closely with several teams of trusted and experienced associates around the country) but we are expert in considering how well your message is actually getting across to the user – whether he or she is a potential customer or client, or a member of staff using an internal communication or training website.

All too frequently, a website simply does not work in the way that a user expects or wishes it to; questions are left unanswered, and frustrations grow – with the end result that a potential customer or client goes elsewhere, or the member of staff becomes demoralised. Even simple issues such as consistency in placing ‘click here’ buttons, or the use of colour or typefaces, can go along way in helping users navigate through your site - and of course you must also consider the needs of any users who may have visual or motor problems.

You will be spending a considerable sum in developing your site, so take a little time, and just a little extra cost, to ensure that it does actually work!

We can also add an element of management consultancy to your website development – helping you exploit it fully, and advising on issues such as compliance with Distance Selling Regulations, getting your Terms and Conditions acceptable to your bankers, etc

We’ll happily have an initial no-obligation chat regarding either your existing website or your plans for something new. If you are developing something new, however, we would suggest that you chat to us as early as possible in the process; that is when we can offer the most helpful advice. If you wait until the site is nearly finished, it simply may be too late (or too expensive) to incorporate any of our ideas and suggestions.

Over the past four years, we have worked with companies across the complete spectrum – sole traders, through to multinationals; financial services to retail; public sector; not-for-profit; business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

If you have a complex project coming up soon, make contact with us as soon as possible – an initial conversation may well alert you to a range of issues which you need to consider earlier rather than later!

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